Hey there, I'm Alexandra.

As a photographer for nearly a decade, I seek to document in a photojournalistic style – without staging, photomanipulation, artificial lighting, or a studio. The serene natural landscapes and the grit and tenacity of humans – though typically in opposition to each other – are my two favorite subjects. What started as a love affair with sports photography blossomed into a desire to showcase pieces of everyday life in ways that many people will never see for themselves.

I work to see something unnoticed in scenes that are viewed by the masses. My goal is to walk away from popular attractions or mass media events with an angle that no one else even thought to document. Whether it means climbing a mountain or staring down the barrel of riot police’s weapons, I’m willing to put my body on the line for the best shot.

In between grand adventures, I'm a weekend warrior out for an adventure + trying desperately to wear out the dog!

Alexandra Campion

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