A Day in Colonial America

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A nice little one-day venture to Frederick, MD transported me back in time to colonial America! I know there's a lot of remaining history visible in cities all along the east coast, but I didn't realize quite how much! Architecture is something that always catches my eye, so the brick facades and iron rod fencing of old was a pleasant sight to see as I ventured into historic downtown.

Wooden doors are decorated for Christmas.

The downtown area is a pepper of new and old - museums and retro barbershops sit next door to yoga studios and vegan restaurants (yum!). The art scene is BOOMING! Galleries and small shops line the streets; there's something different around every corner. I found myself getting lost in all of the little nuances of the area. The traditional red brick and whitewashed walls are adorably accented with colorful pieces - like doorways and fire hydrants (like the one below)! So much to explore, so little time...

A green and yellow fire hydrant.
Small shops lining a street.

The most peculiar place that I stumbled upon was the "map man". I'm not sure who or what that entails, but I accidentally turned down a cute little alley way that looked like something out of a movie! With the snowfall and string lights, I suddenly felt like I was starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie - quite cheesy, I know. If I ever go back, I'll have to make a stop while it's open.

A small alley that leads to a shop called The Map Man.

One of my final stops in Frederick was at a small park near Hood College. I found a small memorial to the Armed Forces, put in place by a local gardening club. Another small piece of history - and a nod to the military of the greater DC area!

A placard on a stone for the Blue Star Memorial By-Way.

If you're ever in the DC area - take a little journey northwest and visit Frederick. It's such a quaint and beautiful town that I hope I'll have the chance to go back to soon!