A 60-Year-Old's First Birthday Party

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You read right...

This past weekend, my dad celebrated 60 years on this wonderful earth with his first-ever birthday party! Growing up in a fractured home on the island of Jamaica didn't exactly make time for parties and presents, so my mom took it upon herself to throw the biggest, best birthday party that she could for this milestone.

A cake with 60 candles.

Dad has been in the United States nearly thirty years now, so he's certainly made a few friends over the years (read - a lot). Boy, did it show when people kept pouring through the doors of this sweet little lakeside restaurant near their home. My parents have recently taken up lakeside living in their 'retirement home', so it was the perfect feel for a great celebration!

Restaurant sign that says, "Lake House"
Small cabin-esque signs on the walls.

Mom pulled out all the stops; good music, great food, and the best company! She even got two other Jamaicans in the building - it makes for a loud reunion. One of my dad's long time island buddies rode a bus up from St. Louis, while a niece who's living in Michigan flew in to visit. It's always great to see family from far away - especially ones I've never gotten the chance to meet.

My dad and his family members.

Here's to another year, Dad! Wishing you happiness and love for many years to come!